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Floors are a primary aesthetic in your home or business. Whether you just need a new stain added, a protective seal, minor repairs, or a complete new installation - we offer a service that's right for you. Our team has been providing expert flooring services for years, and our home improvement quality speaks for itself. When you hire our service, you get a friendly team of home improvement specialists who can assist you from getting a quote on your project, all the way to the finishing touches on your flooring or other projects around your home.

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C&B Flooring Services

Do you have a wood floor that needs new staining to look pristine and add to the aesthetic of your home? Maybe you have scuffs, water damage, or other minor discolorations to your flooring that need attention. Even if you need the floor to be removed, and a new tile, laminate, or other flooring to be installed.

No matter your reason for requiring our flooring services, C&B Floors and Home Improvement is here for you. Contact us today to schedule your flooring services.

Floor Cleaning

Floor Cleaning Services

Here at C&B Flooring & Home Improvement, we offer top-quality floor cleaning services, as well as furniture cleaning services to add that extra level of professional service and aesthetic to your home. Contact us today to inquire about our floor cleaning services and to schedule a floor cleaning today.

C&B works on a wide range of flooring types. See Before and Afters of our past projects. For questions about a flooring upgrade, call us today!

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